Tasting List



$15 / bottle

Named after the mighty oak genus, Quercus. Dry cider aged with American Oak.

Batch 231

$15 / bottle

An off dry 100% Gala apple cider aged for over 6 months in Bourbon barrels.

Apple Blueberry

$12 / bottle

A 75% Apple, 25% Blueberry Cider blend. Aromas of fresh Blueberries swirl in the glass. Medium Sweet.

Sweet Cameo

$12 / bottle

A sweet cider made from 100% Cameo apples.

Cherry Popper

$12 / bottle

A 50/50 Cherry/Apple cider blend, made with local tart Cherries.
Tart with just the right amount of sweet.

MK's Ultra

$12 / bottle

Apple cider sweetened with brown sugar and caramel. This project is straight from CIA mind control experiments in the ’50’s.

Dry Hopped

$12 / bottle

Refreshing off dry cider, with a pleasant touch of local Copper hops.


$12 / bottle

Perry is a delicious, sweet twist on cider made from pears instead of apples.

Honeycrisp Iced Cider

$25 / bottle 375 mL

Made from 100% Honeycrisp Apples, this sweet, decadent cider
is made from frozen apples.


Petoskey Brut

$20 / bottle

A dry sparkling white wine made from the winemaker’s
proprietary blend of grapes.

East Park Blanc

$18 / bottle

Semi-sweet sparkling Cayuga. Made using grapes sourced from Charlevoix.

Sparkling Frontenac Gris

$12 / bottle

A semi sweet sparkling 100% Frontenac Gris. Made with Petoskey grown grapes.

Sparkling Marquette

$12 / bottle

One of the kings of the Northern Grapes. Off-dry Marquette
made from Petoskey grown grapes.

Pink Frizzante

$15 / bottle

A semi-sweet proprietary blend with a kiss of pink.

Raspberry Fizz

$18 / bottle

A semi sweet sparkling 100% Raspberry wine.

Sparkling Riesling

$22 / bottle

Semi-dry sparkling Riesling. Crisp acidity with ripe tangerine aromas.

Still Wines

Resort Pike Blanc

$12 / bottle

A dry, white blend with a kiss of oak.

Resort Pike Rouge

$12 / bottle

A dry, oaked red with aromas of blackberries and a lingering finish.

Resort Pike Demi-Sec

$12 / bottle

Medium Sweet white blend with a refreshing aroma of mangoes and peaches.