Time to sip something a little different


Dustin’s take on sparkling Wines and Ciders is unique. The balance between carbonation, sugar, acidity, and the blends involved is a juggling show that’s been finely honed. Dustin has carefully created a combination of libations suited for every occasion.

​Situated on the corner of Williams and Resort Pike roads, the farm was the perfect location to start something…a little different. With a renovation project in place aimed at preserving the natural beauty of the barn and property already completed, this site is the perfect place to share our craft with you. Whether you’re popping bottles for a wedding, or enjoying a warm day on Walloon Lake, cider and sparkling Wine are the perfect pairing for any occasion.

​You won’t find any frills on this property. With twenty taps, comfortable places to sit, and good conversation we hope you enjoy the best of the backwoods views we have to offer. After all, this is Carbonation Country.